An Aitken Frame Homes (AFH) Advanced Frame Housing System

is the World’s first Hybrid building system. Combining the benefits of prefabrication with the flexibility of on-site construction, AFH’s Advanced Frame Systems are build at local manufacturing facilities already building components for the construction industry, allowing full house frame systems to be produced in under a week and delivered locally using the manufacturers existing supply chain. The technology, covered under a 152 PCT Patent Filling, is a Canadian Solution to a Global Problem!


Aitken Innovations educates Architects, Builders, Clients, Designers and Engineers on the Aitken Frame Homes Patented System.

The attractive elements for the ABCDE are:

  • A new building methodology allowing for lower cost high efficiency housing

  • All house systems built at local truss manufacturing facility

  • Engineered homes are built under license removing a significant portion of liability from designers and manufacturers

  • Hybrid system merging the advantages of prefabricated construction with those of on-site construction

  • Portion of license fee paid to ADCDE providing additional income independent of design process


ABCDE completes design to AFH specifications using specific design parameters provide OR stock plans as designed by Aitken Innovations.

Design to be submitted to Aitken Innovations for license number, number and specific design parameters to be submitted to nominated truss manufacturing facility. Aitken Innovations will review truss manufacturing plans prior to construction, removing risk of full house package mis-manufacture.

Approved Builders:

ABCDE's connect with or become Aitken Frame Homes Approved Builders. Builders to be engaged via a tender process with emphasis on Timeline and Fixed Price Budget..

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